Junior Snorkeling

We have an active Junior snorkeling section. We train under 16’s in snorkeling skills and water safety in a safe and fun environment. Over the Summer months we aim to take them out on snokeling trips in the club RHIB.

Junior Safety Statement here.

Some tips about pool equipment for new juniors.  

Your junior will need a mask, snorkel and fins. It can be economical to buy mask and snorkel together.

Mares and Cressi are good for example. Lots of choice and deals on diveinn.com and mares.com.

Look out for tempered glass, silicone skirts AND **easy to adjust** straps. 

Sometimes you’ll need to check manufacturer’s spec to see if tempered as does not always say on product pages for junior sets. The “T” is not always visible in product photos. 

You can order and fit optical lenses for some masks also if needed if your junior wears glasses all the time. 

Full face masks are not suitable. 

If the shoe size is available in a set sometimes you can get all three in a set. 

For fins juniors usually use full-foot fins – the rubber part fits over the heel like a shoe. The other type is an open heel fin / and has straps and you need to use neoprene boots or socks with them. They are more rigid for diving. 

Helpful Tips & Advice

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