Search and recovery

A specialised unit within ESAC has been involved in underwater Search And Recovery (SAR) operations. The unit works alongside other clubs in the South-West region.

Recovery differs from the work of the RNLI and Coast Guard as our focus is on the unfortunate cases where it’s necessary to try to locate the body and return it to the family. All of this work is well supported through our Annual flag Day and our Sponsored river swim on St. Stephens day. The funding raised from such events allows us to continue to train divers and support SAR efforts in the region.

Modern SAR involves sophisticated and expensive technology like side-scan sonar, high-power LED torches, full face masks and diver communication units. Also more everyday things like buoys, ropes and batteries that wear out and need to be replaced. Funds raised goes towards funding this equipment, as well as fuel and servicing costs for boats and compressors.

Training Day – Ennis